Finissage of the artists Laure Marville and Thomas Liu Le Lann

Thursday 05.09.2024

Finissage and meeting with the artists

Two installations by Geneva-based artists will be displayed at the Maison Suisse. This ‘Carte Blanche’, proposed by the Republic and Canton of Geneva in collaboration with Presence Switzerland, will be exhibited permanently throughout the duration of the event.

Laure Marville primarily expresses herself through linocut on fabric or paper and presents a series of double-sided canvases playing on the ambivalence between a reference to a public and powerful object, the flag, and an evocation of a domestic and intimate universe.

As for Thomas Liu Le Lann, he will create a sports-themed video installation, ‘GYM’, featuring a group of participants with limited technical and physical skills, oscillating between improvisation and editing inspired by sports television language.

Presented by Republic and canton of Geneva in collaboration with Presence Switzerland